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SOPF 2017 Summer Lecture Series
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Wednesday, August 16th
Hosted Reception & Gallery Exhibit Viewing 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Lecture begins at 7:30 pm


The Origins of Surf Music
Featuring Randy Nauert, legendary bass player of “The Challengers,” America's Original Surf Band.

Join Randy as he weaves a tale tracing the invention of “Surf Music” in the early 1960s when the electric bass guitar replaced the traditional stand-up bass, and heavy lead and rhythm guitar riffs combined to create the signature sound of a new style of dance music emerging along the Southern California Coast, identifying with and celebrating the emerging “Surfing Craze.”

Randy and The Challengers were at the vanguard of the surf music scene, recording 28 albums between 1962 and ’66. They performed alongside a who’s who of Surf Music artists from Dick Dale to the Beach Boys, and also served as studio musicians and backup band for such luminaries as Chuck Berry, Little Richard, the Righteous Brothers, Sonny and Cher and more.

Randy and The Challengers have been nominated to the International Surfing Hall of Fame in Oceanside, California, for their contributions to this very special genre of music. Randy has spent a lifetime in the music/motion picture/television world, and continues to celebrate his passion for the “Surfbeat” from his home in Malibu.

SOPF 2017 Summer Lecture Series
San Clemente Times - Official Media Partner
Artifex Brewing Company & BK Cellars - Reception Sponsors

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Coming soon.......Sunday, October 22nd at San Clemente State Beach Campground

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The San Onofre Foundation dba San Onofre Parks Foundation (SOPF) is a California non-profit, charitable corporation, whose mission is to provide education, protection, and preservation for the California State Parks at San Onofre and San Clemente State Beaches. As a public liaison to these parklands, the San Onofre Parks Foundation will foster a comprehensive stewardship of this unique recreational resource, with its historically important sites and environmentally significant setting.

Created in 1971 by Richard M. Nixon’s presidential decree and supported by then-California Governor Ronald Reagan, San Onofre State Beach is among the top five most visited State Parks in California, with annual attendance exceeding 2 million.

The current park covers just over 2,000 acres with 5.5 miles of gorgeous Pacific Ocean coastline. San Onofre Surf Beach is the most popular surfing beach in the United States, and the cobblestone reefs of Trestles make it one of the best year-round surf breaks in North America. The park also hosts major international surf competitions, Native American cultural festivities, and bicycling events.

Home to the ancestors of the Acjachemen tribe, the State Park’s San Mateo delta encompasses the site of the 9,000-year-old village of Panhe, where for thousands of years Native Americans erected dwellings, cultivated crops, and constructed sacred burial grounds.

Acquired by the State in 1933, San Clemente State Beach was home to a three hundred-man Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp during the depression years. The CCC built the San Clemente campground and developed the State Park at Doheny, six miles to the north. San Clemente State Beach is also one of the most popular campgrounds in California. The small visitor center is an historic Ole Hansen-era cottage, which now hosts special events in a charming Spanish style courtyard with spectacular panoramic ocean views.

The park consists of 90 acres, with 1.1 miles of beach frontage, and provides opportunities for hiking, camping, paddle boarding, bird watching, biking, surfing, swimming and other beach activities.

SOPF will work cooperatively with California State Parks to develop and promote a strong image that San Onofre State Beach is a world treasure that must never be compromised. The Foundation will provide quality educational and interpretive panels that share the complete story of the park’s main stakeholders, including Native Americans, surfers, cyclists, environmentalists, and others. The San Onofre Parks Foundation hopes to expand operations of the San Clemente State Beach Historic Cottage Visitor Center by providing appropriate items that will increase visitor understanding and appreciation of these State Parks' values and purposes.

The Foundation may receive funds from donations, membership dues, grants, special event sponsorship, and other fund raising activities. It may sponsor, support, and assist docent programs, environmental educational activities, and resource management projects in support of such programs. SOPF may provide seminars, lectures, and other activities that contribute to the mission.

Endeavoring to incorporate the many viewpoints of those who share in the park experience at San Onofre and San Clemente State Beaches, the San Onofre Parks Foundation will work to protect, preserve, and enhance the rich cultural and natural history of this magnificent coastal zone.

These are your parks, and the San Onofre Parks Foundation can become your voice.

Please join your fellow park lovers and supporters. Let us together create a strong vision for the future of these sacred lands and our public trust, which we must pass to all future generations.

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