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6.0 Lowers Pro 2009

The Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro in conjunction with the Oakley Pro Junior is a 6-Star PRIME ASP WQS / Grade 2 Pro Junior event that boasts a field of 128 international professional surfers who will compete for a part of the impressive $145,000 prize purse and the most possible ASP ratings points based upon the upgrade from a 4-Star to the 6-Star PRIME.

Enticed by the opportunity to surf perfect Lower Trestles-one of the most high-performance wave on the Southern California coast-with only three other surfers out, the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro is a must on the calendars of some of the world’s best surfers in both the WQS and Junior divisions. In addition, the event’s escalation from an ASP 4 Star Event to a 6 Star Prime will mean the 128 surfers in the event have even more at stake going into the competition. Lowers is one of the few singular events on the ASP World Qualifying Series schedule that has played a critical role in defining the path that future greats would walk down. Jeff Booth, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Shane Beschen, CJ Hobgood, and Benny Bourgeois all have hoisted the trophy. With increasing talent and a whole new host of contenders entering the WQS scene, 2009 promises to be another unforgettable year.

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