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San Mateo Campground - Camping Reservations

San Mateo Campground (within San Onofre State Beach) lies a short distance inland from the 3.5-miles of sandy beaches within San Onofre State Beach. A 1.5-mile Nature Trail connects the campground to Trestles Beach, a world class surfing site. San Mateo Creek flows just east of the campground outward towards the ocean creating key riparian and wetland habitats which host some rare and even endangered species. All campsites include a fire pit and picnic table. Hookup sites are available with electricity and water. Other amenities include a dump-station, hot indoor showers, and flush toilets.

Overnight camping is available year-round.

CLICK HERE for details on pricing and availability or visit www.ReserveCalifornia.com

For recorded public information about San Onofre State Beach - San Mateo Campground, please call (949) 492-4872.

Firewood sales at the camp kiosk - $7 per bundle.  All proceeds benefit the San Onofre Parks Foundation.

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