Barry Berg, Past President

Barry Berg is a creative and manufacturing publishing consultant with life-long ties to the San Clemente area.

His grandfather, George Russell, emigrated from France to the United States at the age of sixteen. In 1934 George discovered San Clemente, the beautiful beach town similar to his roots in France. The Russell’s are considered one of San Clemente’s pioneer families. Barry’s Uncle Cliff Russell was one of San Clemente’s first lifeguards.  Barry’s father Max Berg, was San Clemente’s City Clerk for 35-years, first Citizen of the Year and historic Plaza Park is named in his honor.

Barry has always appreciated growing up in San Clemente, experiencing early on the same idyllic Spanish village his mother did with its rolling foothills and scenic beaches. The local coastline has played a major role in his life, from learning to surf as a young boy at San Onofre, to his thirty-year career in the surf media.

Barry earned his art degree at UCI and his works have been exhibited worldwide.  This knowledge and creativity led to his career in the surf media of which 24 years were spent at Surfing Magazine. It has been through these very meaningful experiences that Barry has gained the deepest respect for the riches of our local environment.

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