Dan Lineback, Director

Lineback currently is a Senior Engineer for a VAR in Orange County focused on Data Center Solutions for the education, government and public sectors.  Dan was raised in Capo Beach and started surfing Trestles in the late 60’s with a good friend whose father was a Marine Corp Major.  “We were able to drive right up to the surf breaks without any hassles prior to the state park operating the lease”.  He also started lifeguarding on the San Onofre and San Clemente beaches in 1978 as California State Lifeguard and worked as a weekend seasonal lifeguard up until 2006.  During his career as a resident, employee and avid surfer of San Diego County and Orange County beaches he has seen the impacts on the environment of poorly planned infrastructure projects.  Lineback graduated with a BA in Economics from the University of San Diego.  He has lived for several winter surf seasons in the early 80’s on the North Shore and surfed many remote Mexico surf spots in the 70’s and 80’s.   Preserving Trestles and San Onofre for future generations to enjoy is a goal that is in my blood and soul.  As a frequent surfer of Trestles, The Trails, Cottons and State Park breaks; my alignment with the foundation will help to keep these beaches accessible through its core mission statement.



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