Lisa Kerr, Director & Educational Advisor

Lisa Kerr has had a passion for the environment since she was a child.  The artistic influence of her mother combined with the passion for mountains and remote places of her geologist father helped her to see the beauty and strength in nature.  As a second generation Californian she has watched urban sprawl cover and alter the beauty of Orange County. For four decades she has been active in defending what open space is left and sharing her concerns with the community.  Lisa and her husband Ken have lived in San Clemente since 1994 where they raised their two sons.  She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Environmental and Systematic Biology; and has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

As a teacher at San Clemente High school, she teaches Biology and college level Environmental Science.   Lisa loves to share her passion with her students and is always involving them in community projects. Whether it is a watershed cleanup, habitat restoration, or a coastal clean-up day, you will find Lisa there working side-by-side with her students modeling stewardship.   She is the founder of the Green culture at the high school and has established numerous award winning programs that encourage sustainability and stewardship.  In 2013 she was awarded the Stephanie Dorey Award for Environmental Activism from the city.  She has been awarded the Earth Hero Award, and was a nominee for Presidential Excellence in Teaching Science as well as Project Tomorrow.

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