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Mission Statement

The San Onofre Parks Foundation is a California non-profit 501(c) (3) public benefit, charitable corporation, whose mission is to provide for education and interpretive services regarding all aspects of the natural, cultural, historical and biological diversity of California State Parks at San Onofre and San Clemente State Beaches; promoting environmental awareness and ethics; and enhancing the quality of recreation experience at these unique coastal parks.


The Foundation will work co-operatively with California State Parks to develop and promote a strong image that San Onofre State Beach is a "World Treasure" that must never be compromised; will provide quality education and interpretive panels developing and sharing a complete story of the park units; and will expand operations of the San Clemente State Beach Historic Cottage Visitor Center.

The Foundation provides support by sponsoring, publishing, purchasing, distributing, or selling appropriate items which increase visitor understanding and appreciation of State Park System values and purposes. The Foundation may receive funds from donations, membership dues, grants, special event sponsorship and other park-related activities. The Foundation may acquire materials, equipment and other items for use in the educational and interpretive programs of the parks. The Foundation may sponsor, support, and assist docent programs, environmental educational activities, resource management projects in support of such programs; provide seminars, lectures and other activities that contribute to the mission. The Foundation may plan, organize and implement fundraising programs to acquire contributions in support of State Park interpretive and educational activities.


The Foundation shall endeavor to incorporate the many viewpoints of those who share the "Park Experience" at San Onofre and San Clemente State Beaches, while capturing the rich cultural and natural history of this magnificent coastal zone.

San Onofre may become the home of a world class visitor center and museum where the many stories of this region are presented to students of all ages. The Foundation shall endeavor to create viewpoints and exhibits, improve recreational trails opportunities, help create a viable outdoor amphitheater for exhibitions and educational activities, provide staffing as well as docent and volunteer opportunities.

The parks of San Onofre and San Clemente have national and worldwide significance, and threats to their integrity and existence shall be defended through a unity of rational, contemporary, intellectual discourse. San Onofre may become known as "The Great Coastal Park".

Interpretive Topics

The history of the San Onofre Coastal zone includes discussions and elaboration on the Geologic and Natural topics of watershed, hills, valleys, coastal terrace, beaches, inter-tidal and surf zones, and sub-marine environment dating from pre-historic to modern time.

The Biologic Diversity topics (all living organisms), will likewise be presented from pre-historic to the present, and shall include discussions regarding endangered and extinct species, human impacts and protections.

The Cultural topics will include the First People's story (the Acjachemen), Western man and California exploration and development, Saint Onophrius, the Mission period, Land Grants and Rancho's (Rancho Santa Margarita), transportation (roads and railroads), commerce (farming), Forester City, San Clemente (Ole Hansen, Hamilton Cotton), Civilian Conservation Corps, San Clemente State Beach 1933, Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base 1941, San Onofre and Surfing, the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Richard Nixon (Western White House), San Onofre State Beach 1971 to the present, proposed transportation topics, the value of Parks and Recreation to mankind, and environmental stewardship and ethics.

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